Me fail English? That’s unpossible!

11 08 2012

Some very good points in this post; especially the “need to act appropriately” when representing your business in online forums.

An Ordinarily Gentle Man

This is a blog post I recently wrote for WebServes. I rather like it so I feel compelled to share it here:

Kudos for today’s blog title goes to Ralph Wiggum. In response to the recent spate of articles and blogs concerned with grammar – or the lack thereof – in offices and digital correspondences globally, I feel compelled to weigh in. This dialogue began last month with an article by Sue Shellenbarger in The Wall Street Journal, This Embarrasses You and I*, and continued with responses by Kyle Wiens and Susan Adams.

As a student of English, my education inclines me to side with the naysayers and deplore the death of the English language at the hands of txtspk and other grammatical crimes, brought about by an over-reliance on spellcheck and, perhaps, even an obliviousness to the “correct” way of doing things. It is in these moments when…

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Use it or lose it

2 08 2012

Whether I’m writing a letter, a detailed report or a text message, I try to use correct language (including spelling, grammar and punctuation).  Maybe that’s a bit nerdy, but it is so easy to slip into sloppy “text speak” – something that I believe is slowly killing the English language.

Most of us spend more time online or on our mobile phones now than really writing – unless of course writing is your profession – and even those that write on a regular basis are showing signs of being influenced by the more relaxed, short-hand style required for tweeting, for example.  I have the greatest respect for teachers; however, the changes in education in our country, which seem to have reduced the importance of spelling and grammar, are not helping the situation.

Not only am I a little obsessed with maintaining my standards, I am always striving to learn.  Challenging crossword puzzles, reading a variety of genres and the occasional “word of the day” discussion with fellow “word nerds” all help to expand my vocabulary.  Practice makes perfect.

No Speaka da English?

1 08 2012

Lies Our Parents Told Us

In a previous post I mentioned the movie Idiocracy and how scarily prophetic I found it to be. The following is the narrative of the English languages deterioration;

“Unaware of what year it was, Joe wandered the streets, desperate for help. But the English language had deteriorated into a hybrid of hillbilly, valley girl, inner-city slang and various grunts. Joe was able to understand them but when he spoke in an ordinary voice he sounded pompous and faggy to them.”

In today’s rant it’s all about the wonderful English language, and how we’re sodomizing the shit out of it. We’re not quite at Idiocracy levels yet, but as with all things it’s only a matter of time.

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