How commonplace books were like Tumblr and Pinterest

14 05 2013



Shared journals were an early form of social media, and the mass-media era may have been a historical aberration. These were two of the claims made by Lee Humphreys, a communications and media researcher at Cornell University, who gave a talk this week at Microsoft Research’s Social Media Collective. I agree with her on both counts, of course, though I would trace the sharing of journals back further, to the commonplace books of the 16th and 17th centuries.

Humphreys has examined in detail how people in the 19th century would share their diaries with visiting families and friends by reading aloud, in order to tell them what had been going on in their lives. She has also analysed the diary entries of Charlie Mac, a soldier in the American Civil War, which he copied out and sent home as letters to his family (and anyone else they wanted…

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The Radical Redesigning of Business for Resilience

23 04 2013

The Nature of Business

Can business be a force for good, restoring society and the environment, providing solutions that genuinely help rather than hurt?

Ought business to be striving for more than just limiting its harm?

I think we intuitively know it can, yet it requires courage to break rank from the mainstream approach to business.

overcome change

The prevailing business paradigm of maximization, monoculture, self-interest and short-termism is weakening its own resilience, in turn sowing the seeds of its own demise. Our prevalent business concepts, values, perceptions and practices are being disrupted and systemically challenged. This ‘perfect storm’ of crises provides the perfect situation for individuals and organisations to retrench (clinging fearfully to outdated mindsets) or transform (embracing new ways of operating). For those able to adapt in these volatile times, they face nothing less than a shift to a new business paradigm; a way forward that seeks to enhance life on Earth rather than…

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From value driven to purpose driven entrepreneurship

23 04 2013

This resonated with me. Great post!

Keep the game, change the rules

With business becoming more and more aware of their social and ecological responsibilities, we’re breeding a new type of entrepreneur. Where most companies are struggling hard with this thing called value-driven entrepreneurship, more and more people are getting interested in what is called purpose-driven entrepreneurship.

purpose-driven entrepreneurship

What is purpose-driven entrepreneurship? Basically it’s what I’ve been writing about on this blog. It’s what Seth GodinSteve Farber, Simon Sinek, TED and everyone else who’s trying to put his finger on “the new entrepreneurship” is talking about.

The most difficult thing about being purpose-driven is to define it. As Simon Sinek wrote beautifully: Purpose can not be rationalized.

A true sense of purpose is deeply emotional, it serves as a compass to guide us to act in a way completely consistent with our values and beliefs. Purpose does not need to involve calculations or numbers. Purpose is…

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Positive Persuasion through Peer Pressure

23 04 2013

Human nature trumps logic.

Manage By Walking Around

towel reuseWhat would get people to reuse their towels in hotel rooms?

The answer might surprise you, as it’s not saving the environment or saving money. People are more likely to reuse their hotel towels if they are told that everyone else is doing it.

This variant of the ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ effect seems hard to believe but has been confirmed in a variety of scientific studies.  For example, researchers asked nearly 1000 Californians to predict which of four messages would be most successful at persuading them to conserve energy:

  1. conserving energy helps the environment
  2. conserving energy protects future societies
  3. conserving energy saves you money;
  4. many of your neighbors are already conserving energy.

Not surprisingly, respondents rated the fourth option as least likely to influence their behavior. However, in practice, the researchers found this was actually the most effective in changing behavior; nearly twice as strong…

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vintage social networking

20 04 2013

A great reminder when you’re feeling “over-connected”.

Wrong Hands

vintage social networking

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Vision needs action

20 04 2013

A great mantra for everyone in business!

success recipes for solopreneurs

Here is this week’s inspirational message: “vision without action is a daydream, action without vision is a nightmare”.


Image courtesy of Inspirational Woman Magazine on Facebook

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Only 13% of businesses have a blog!

15 04 2013

success recipes for solopreneurs

This is a truly shocking statistic! I got this from an infographic done by Sarah Arrow about social media and small businesses.

One of the reasons why this is shocking is because it is a complete wasted opportunity. This is a vast area that is comparatively easy to implement that is just not happening.

In spite of a blog being classed as ‘technology’, it is not really that complicated. Many small businesses are quite happy to go onto Facebook and mess about with groups and pages, but they baulk at the word ‘blog’ because it sounds too hard to cope with.

Really there’s not much difference between a Facebook page and a blog. They should contain more or less the same information, but they will have different audiences. That’s why you should have a presence on all kinds of social media, because different people hang out on them and…

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