Is the negativity really necessary?

26 10 2012

Apparently, it is.

This week, I experienced the good and the bad of print media.  The week began with a good news story – an upcoming event at work that we were really excited about.  Photos were taken, all smiling and happy (with balloons!).

The local rag put us on the front page with all the good news and appropriate promotion of the event.  Kudos to them.  The metro paper from up the road put us on page 3 (not too shabby), with a big photo (Wow! That’s great!), but took the story in a different direction.  A headline dripping with sarcasm, the bulk of the story a (slightly whiny) criticism of our State government, with an inconsequential mention of the event at the very end.


My workmates have taken the “It’s not that bad” attitude, and that’s okay I guess, but for some reason it just annoyed me.  Sure, it got a message across (that we don’t get enough of what we need), but that wasn’t the message that we were trying to deliver.

We’re told that bad news sells, and – based on the statistics – it appears that this is true; bad news stories do get more hits.  I can accept that, and I don’t want all of my news sugar-coated, but isn’t there enough bad news?  Do we really need to take good news and find a scandalous or negative angle to justify printing it?

Ah, well…the event is tomorrow, and I will not allow the unfortunate attitude of one journalist to dampen my own enthusiasm and positivity.




2 responses

28 10 2012
Cathy Ulrich

Very sad when journalists feel obligated to slant a positive story into a negative one. I can understand your irritation!

28 10 2012

Thanks Cathy! The event was a great success. Initial estimates put the crowd at nearly four times the number that attended last year. Everyone was happy, and the sun was shining. A wonderful community event with positive outcomes for my employers.

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